Mesa airlines pipeline pilot?

Hello! I’m hoping to get some answers to this. My plan is ATP school then CFI work then try for a Regional… I have 600 hours PPL with my hi-performance complex as well as tailwheel endorsement. Most of it is cross country with around 50hrs night flying. I recently saw a job post looking for pilots over 500 hours with IFR and commercial. It’s part of a Mesa airlines pipeline pilot program… it talks about receiving more certificates in a certain amount of time after employment… I know that this forum is part of ATP flight school and might not be able to answer this question but I need to transition into a new job soon as I support the family. Would it be worth pushing through a week long IFR plus short commercial program to try and get a job like this?


I recommend you contact Mesa but my understanding is there is no job to be had. The pipeline program is very similar to most is the Regional cadet programs (in fact ATP is one of the pipeline schools). While it is a way to secure a position with Mesa (which isn’t that difficult these days), I don’t believe it’ll be any faster than any other route.

All they’re saying is when you have your CPL, IR and ME ratings (or your PPL and accepted into UAs Aviate program) you can interview. If you’re selected you’ll get a conditional offer and a $10k bonus, but you won’t be getting hired until you reach 1500hrs, just like everybody everyone else. That’s at least what I read? My question is without your CFIs how are you going to build that time?


Got it, ok so back to my target of starting ATP, really looking forward to being a CFI, I really want to have the ability to get tailwheel training out there!

Not if you’re instructing for ATP!


Worded that wrong, in the future I want to help pilots receive their tailwheel endorsement…


You could enter ATP, credit private and knock out all your ratings in 5 months. Upon completion of the program you have the opportunity to instruct with ATP or any other schools of your choosing. If instructing in a tail wheel is important to you, find a school that offers that. ATP does not. You would only be instructing in fixed tricycle gear Cessna 172s or archers. However, consider all that you would be giving up to do that. ATP has partnerships with more than a dozen regional, 135 and LCCs.

You could instruct with ATP and occasionally instruct a student in your free time but you would need to acknowledge that your students at ATP must be your first priority.