My First Solo

Hi all,

I completed my first solo flight in a Tecnam Sierra P2002JF on July 31st, 2016.

I wasn’t expecting my solo and when my Father drove me in to the Aero Club I was expecting it to be a normal day of flight instruction.

When I entered the building and asked my Instructor what I was doing, he said I was flying solo which I took as sarcasm. After a brief, I realised I was actually going to be in control of a General Aviation aircraft on my own for the first time ever.

Getting into the aircraft, I had sweaty palms and was filled with nervousness. I did all the correct procedures and immediately after rotating my aircraft on takeoff, my nervousness went away as I was thrilled that I was flying the aircraft by myself.

I did a few touch and goes at EIWF. The first time looking down that runway and flaring to land by myself was frightening but once I was down and throttled up again, I felt as free as a bird.

After making my full stop landing and taxiing to the ramp, I had the feeling of “I can do this for the rest of my life” and felt like a true pilot now that I could fly by myself.

It was an all-round amazing experience. I’m currently at 35 hours and am expecting to earn my Private Pilot License by the end of the summer.

Thank you for reading,