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Solo Day!

Hello everyone Jawad coming back to you with an update with my progression in the program. Today was the day that really made it all real. I have completed my first solo. What an experience that was. I don’t even have words to describe the feeling. I really wasn’t even sure that I was ready, but I know that if was given a SAT score for my solo eval then I was ready. I’m sure that Brady wouldn’t let me fly if he did not think I was ready. After doing the warm up I was very confident in my abilities. But the moment Brady stepped out of the plane the butterflies started up. I got myself situated and had a bit of a breather and got my taxi clearance. Thankfully this morning the winds were great and the pattern was as smooth as can be. Before I knew it I holding short of the runway waiting for my clearance to takeoff. What a difference it was to be alone, to be PIC, and to know that everything relied on my ability. I received my clearance and started rolling out onto the runway. Made sure all my lights were on, mixture was full, fuel pump on and was ready to get in the air. It is amazing how much different the plane feels without having the extra person in the plane. It felt like I was at rotation speed and in the air faster than ever. The moment the wheels left the ground I was astonished! I let out some words of excitement and in that moment I knew that I was well prepared to complete these three landings as needed. I came in for my first landing and (not to toot my own horn) it was the best landing I’ve ever done or experienced. I finished out all three landings without needing to perform a go around. I was really setting myself up for success today. Overall I am very pleased with my performance and my confidence in my flying is through the roof.



Congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment. I saw a video of one of your landings this morning, it looked great.

Congratulations and thank you for the update.


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Congratulations!! This is a big day and one you probably will never forget. I can still remember feeling exactly as you described on my first lap in the pattern… a little bit of anxiety and a whole lot of excitement! Take confidence in what you did today and now you’re just that much closer to becoming a private pilot. Thanks for sharing with us!


Thank you, it means a lot. It was definitely a great experience.



It was definitely the best experience of my life. I now know what I am truly capable of up to this point in my training. I’m glad I was able to do it on such a beautiful morning here in Jersey.


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AHHHHHHH, there it is! Jawad, I am so proud of you my guy! You’ve really grown and accomplished a big step in your career. Since you didn’t post the picture, I will. :wink:

And then…proud instructor moment, they grow up so fast. :sob:



Kudos Jawad!

Major accomplishment!


@JawadB’s First Solo Landing! :flight_arrival:


Sounded like a greaser to me! :wink:


Nice! Right on the thousands!


So proud of you Jawad!



This made me giddy just reading it! You nailed that landing!


Congratulation friend! May that feeling never dull, you have accomplished something such a small portion of people will ever experience, and that is something can never be taken from you.

It’s great to see Trenton on here doing the big things! Hopefully @BFries wasn’t too rough on you… Haha.

Keep the train moving, friend. Next thing you know you’ll be getting ready to head off to CFI Academy.




Thanks Clarence it was definitely a great experience. Im glad to be giving Trenton a voice with the rest of us on here. Very excited for the future but definitely going to take it one step at a time


Thank you Eric

Thanks! Ben

Hey now…I took it easy on him! :sunglasses:

Congratulations Jawad and keep up the outstanding work!

NOICE!!! Attaboy!
I did my first solo a couple of days ago so, I totally feel you bro! :slight_smile:

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