My unofficial start with ATP

Hi everyone,

I am Michael a newbie here, in April 2016, I started training for my private at a flight school in Fort Lauderdale. I didn’t finish, and gained about 20 dual hours before I stopped because of a shoulder injury.

It is now April 2017 and I just did an awesome intro flight with ATP Trenton, NJ. I have bachelor’s degree in Geography, but am currently working at an under qualified job, so I have applied for ATP financing to cover fast track start from zero hours, with a cosignor. I should get approved with my mom as cosignor, she is an attorney. Anyway, I am 25 years old and single, living with my parents, and desperately need to stop wasting time and do something with my life.

My goal for the intro flight was to see if I still like flying and ask the instructor how I would fair as a pilot. I had a lot of fun and the instructor told me that I maintained good control of the plane and executed turns using both aileron + rudder. So, If I am approved for the loan, I then need to put in my deposit to reserve a start date in May 2017 Trenton ATP!
No questions now just a self-intro, but many more questions to come…


Welcome Michael,

I instructed at TTN when I was with ATP. Great location and you’ll get a lot of good experience there. Hope all goes well with the financing. Keep us posted.