New ATP Location in Wilmington, DE

ATPs newest location just came online this week in Wilmington, DE. They’re scheduled to begin taking students in October.

Is anyone else aware of any other ATP locations opening up? I’m in DC, now deciding between Wilmington and Richmond locations. Would be great to have a location in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.


I don’t have a crystal ball, but I would bet very strongly against any location opening in the DC/Baltimore. The airspace around those two cities is so congested and so restrictive that it really is not conducive to flight training.


Thanks, Chris. I knew the answer already but wishful thinking, I guess! Wilmington and Richmond are almost equidistance to DC so it’s still good to have a second option, aside from the Richmond location. Wilmington is a great location.

Chris, I did see in your biography on a separate page that you say during your year of instructing with ATP, you instructed at a few different locations, Washington, DC being one of them. Was there an ATP affiliation in DC previously or was this somewhere else on your own, not affiliated with ATP?

There was an ATP facility in Manassas, VA, but it was closed for the reasons that I mentioned.