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New Indianapolis, Indiana Location

Hi there everyone,

I wanted to see if there were any new updates on the Indianapolis location for ATP? I had called the admissions team asked about it a while ago and I know admissions said ATP was working on securing a location at the airport there. I see it is now listed on the ATP website as a location. I assume that means it is fully up and running? I live near Indianapolis and had planned on originally completing my training in Mesa, but this would be an amazing new find for me (savings on new housing, etc…) as I would rather stay closer to home. Thanks again everyone I appreciate the help!



The Indianapolis location is brand new, so you probably will not find anybody on this forum that has been there yet.

What I can tell you is that ATP works very hard to standardize all of their locations. The student experience should be very consistent from one location to the next. If the location is convenient for you, then I would go for it and not think twice about it.



My instructor at LUK is actually helping launch the IND location, and I believe he was saying they should be opening in the next couple weeks? Call and tell them you’re interested in reserving a class date and I bet they’ll be able to give you a definitive launch date for the location. They told me about the Cincinnati location 3 weeks in advance and I was able to reserve my class date and start on the very first day (today 9/14) that they opened.