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Hey there!! My name is Alex and I am super interested in becoming a pilot, but I don’t really know where or how to start. I’ve been doing some research on how to become a pilot, but it’s really confusing when it comes to flight school and airline sponsorships. I’d really appreciate some pointers on the matter.

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This should help get you started.


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Thank you Adam, I will check it out!!!

After looking at the material I am still a bit confused. Do I need to be in flight school before applying to one of those offers from airlines about teaching new pilots with 0 experience how to fly? How does one get sponsorship from an airline? Is that only done through the 7 month accelerated programs? How does one decide what the best flight school is?

Thank you!


Good questions so here go some answers:

  1. Yes, before an airline will invest any money in you they need to know you have the skill and aptitude to fly. Unlike most other careers there’s a physical aspect to flying which frankly cannot be evaluated by grades or other tests. This is why there are virtually no scholarships available.

  2. It varies from airline to airline. At a bare minimum you’ll need your Private license but most want all your training completed and you to be actually working as an instructor building time, skill and proficiency.

  3. No, programs are available through other longer programs but there are a few things to consider. A) ATP pioneered the airline relationships by demonstrating that their grads, by completing an accelerated training program (modeled after airline training) were capable of keeping up with the rigors of airline newhire training. You see getting hired is easy these days, completing training and getting on the line is not. B) ATP has more relationships and programs available then any flight school in the country. Incl Spirit and Frontier’s Direct Entry program that can put you directly into an Airbus (bypassing the Regionals) as soon as you build your required minimums. This is virtually unheard-of in the industry. C) Over 1200 ATP grads have been hired by airlines in the last 12mos alone.

  4. How does anyone decide what’s the best anything? By doing their research. The internet is a wonderful thing. Or you can just take the advice of all the mentors on this forum. We were all exactly where you are and when we completed our research we determined ATP was the best route and were all successful airline pilots now. Myself and Chris are Capts at Majors.


Thank you Adam, that makes a lot more sense! I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately and have found that ATP and HAA are the two schools here in Oregon with partnerships. Like you said, ATP does have extensive partnerships vs HAA.

If I may, what airline do you and Chris work for?

Chris is a United Capt
I’m a Hawaiian Airlines Capt
Tory is an Alaska FO
Hannah is a SkyWest FO
Brady will be starting at Piedmont soon


Very nice!!! I work for Choice Aviation stationed in PDX. We do the groundwork for Allegiant Air, so all A319, A320 and A321. I started off as a passenger service agent, but over the last month they moved me down to the ramp so I am now cross utilized. This is how and why I’ve gotten so interested in becoming a pilot. Spending so much time around airplanes has just been pretty amazing.

I am in the same boat. Its a little foreign starting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.