New start, just retired from Navy

Good Afternoon

I’m heavily considering enrolling in the program at ATP. So here’s my situation. I’m recently retired from the US Navy after 20 years. I was enlisted, and have 0 time. I was an aviation structural mechanic in the Navy. I’m very comfortable with theories of flight and all the controls. My real question is what does my ROI look like on an investment this big? I can get 20 more years flying with mandatory retirement. I’m only 39. Thanks in advance!



As always only you can determine if it’s worth the investment. This industry like many offers no guarantees, however due to the pilot shortage (which is getting worse) salaries are the higher than ever. Unless something significant and unexpected happens you will get hired at a Regional. Getting to a Major is a little more nebulas and you don’t mention a 4yr degree which they prefer. I think the bigger question is this something you’ll enjoy doing for the next 20 plus years?



Take a look at the FAQ section as this is covered in detail there, then feel free to ask us your specific questions.




I have a BS in Business Admin.

Thanks Chris