No Flight Experience

Overall I want to eventually become a commercial pilot and do that for a living, Im wondering what the initial first steps would be? I know that I need to get my private pilates license first, than get about 1,500 hours before being able to apply for a commercial license job. How would I go about doing that? And after that how would I get enough hours to than be able to get a commercial job?
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Check out this link, it will answer all of your basic questions. Also, please check out the FAQ section of this website as there is a ton of information there.


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At a very minimum you would need a private, instrument and commercial multi engine ratings and 1500 flight hours to be eligible for an airline job.

ATP has an excel rated program that provides all the necessary training and an opportunity to build time as a Flight instructor to get you to the 1500 hour requirement. Spend some time researching on the ATP website and let us know if you have more specific questions.