Private Flying License

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Forgive me if this question has already been answered! If I already have a private pilot license what would be my next step in order to fly commercial?


Welcome! The next step in your training would be your instrument rating. After that you would pursue a commercial rating.

If you’re interested in the ATP program, I’ll link the timeline below. You could start credit private and complete all required training in 5 months.


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You are awesome Hannah, thank you!

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Welcome to the forum, congrats on acquiring your Private Pilot License! To start at ATP with Credit Private, you will need to acquire minimum 78 hours of flight time, 8 hours must be cross-country. If you don’t have the minimum hours, you can get the difference added to your program which would get you acquainted with ATP aircraft [Archer or Skyhawk].

Hannah provided the link; I came in Credit Private, and it was the best move I ever made. I was able to accomplish my flight training in timely manner and am set to airlines very soon. Please ask any questions you may have; the forum is a great platform to see other students’ experiences and get advice.

I would like to recommend maybe finding a local ATP training center and visiting, getting a firsthand experience and meeting other students/instructors is a good start.



You’ll need an instrument rating and a commercial certificate, but you will also need a means to build the necessary flight time to meet the hiring minimums for the airlines.

The best way to build time is through instructing. As the others have said, ATP can help get you there. Check out their website and the FAQ section on this forum and let us know if you have any other questions.