Not accepted into the program?

I am in utter disbelief right now. I just got an email denying my admission. I was approved for 100k loan, I have 20 hours of previous flight experience, can focus 100% on the program and not work, live 15 minutes away from the new facility that will be opening up in Omaha, and have tons of previous “training” experience in prior career roles. I even recently quit my job(not just for this, but a huge motivator) so I can start preparing and ensure I can focus solely on this endeavor. I am absolutely flabbergasted at their decision to deny me, when I’m my mind, I am their perfect candidate. I guarantee no other candidate they accepted is more motivated to make this a career, I am 37 and have dreamt about becoming a pilot since I could talk and walk.

They said to go get my private license and then reapply…oh ok, cool, so go spend 20-30k real quick out of my pocket, since the only other school in my area doesn’t work with Sallie Mae.

I am just absolutely blown away. I don’t even know what else to say. Very disappointed in their decision. It’s the wrong decision.

Has anyone else gone through this? I am very curious what actually caused them to deny me. It makes 0 sense.

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Sorry to hear that Andrew.

I’m not affiliated with ATP other than being a former student. You seem agitated with their decision which is understandable.

My advice would be to take 2 hours to collect your thoughts and then give them a call to find out the reason and if there is any wiggle room.

If it doesn’t work out, there are other options out there.

Best of luck,
Chris F


Yeah, I’d be really curious as to why you weren’t accepted. Keep us informed.

Hi Andrew,

I understand your frustration. For context, admission to ATP is extremely competitive, and about half of the students enrolling have a Private Pilot License. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team again (904-595-7950), as they would be able to provide additional details regarding their decision.


Hi Addison,

I get it’s competitive but I still don’t understand how I am not a perfect candidate. ATP advertising like crazy “0 time”, my previous flight hours, my ability to do the program 100% full time, my love for aviation, and my reason for becoming a pilot, flying! I am sacrificing a lot to make this happen, including leaving a $150k/yr Salary. I guarantee I am more dedicated to succeed than any other potential student. Which is why this is just such a huge shock to me, and why I am frustrated. This was the last thing I expected to be a hurdle. Trying to give a company 100k and them saying, “no thanks”. I have worked harder than anyone to get to this point, and just very frustrated I don’t even get to show my competency with actual flying.

I suppose there is no reconsideration, and I will have to figure out the alternative, and go get my private license elsewhere, but there isn’t a lot of options here in Omaha.

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My question exactly.

On the bright side, getting your PPL at a different school won’t cost you $20k. Especially if you already have 20 hours. If you find a good instructor and a school with good availability you could finish up in just a few weeks for probably $5k (ball park…)

I switched schools right at 30 hours. I flew 2-3 times a week finished up in about 3 months (My instructor took a month off for the holidays and we had plenty of bad weather in Colorado) I could have finished much sooner otherwise. I spent a little over $6k out of pocket including my checkride and ended up with 60 hours TT. Ive been piecing together the rest of the hours for a couple months between flying with friends and solo. I start ATP in 3 weeks.

It’s a setback sure, but it probably wont be your last. It took me 3 years to get to this point. Just don’t give up!



While I appreciate your frustration, an online public rant definitely doesn’t help your case. Neither do your claims of perfection.



Hey Adam,

I am not claiming to be perfect. I more meant my candidacy should be a perfect fit. I am definitely frustrated and trying to look at this is a positive outlook. For instance, the Omaha facility isn’t even open yet, so if I get my PPL while waiting for it to open, I will technically be ahead of where I would be with waiting. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I try to look for positives in every situation, but I have climbed a mountain to get to where I am at so what’s another hurdle.

I do think this is for the best now though, and will start this coming Monday at a facility here in Omaha. And hoping to have my private license in a few months and be able to start at ATP to finish the rest of the program from there. I did learn ATP requires 78 hours of total flight time with 8 hours of solo cross country on top of just the PPL, so that was good to find out ahead of time. I will be prepaying the flight school for the amount of these hours needed.

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ATP looks at many factors. I will tell you this, I thought I was a solid candidate for William & Mary, I had the grades, community involvement, and was an International Baccalaureate. I did not get in, I have no idea why and never will. W&M had their criteria and it was their call, the same applies to ATP. I ended up going to Old Dominion University and while the business degree is certainly not as prestigious as it would be from W&M, it led to me being a pilot. The point is that sometimes decisions are made above our pay grades and for reasons we do not understand and sometimes those decisions work out for the best.

If ATP is still your goal, go get your private and show them that you are the quality candidate that they are looking for.


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Hey Chris!

Good point. I have actually already reached out to another local school and starting Monday. I will do what it takes. To be honest, this is actually better, it’s much much cheaper, and I can start right away. Since the Omaha facility isn’t even open yet, I am hoping to be completed by the time it opens and will hopefully be able to start then. I just wish they didn’t advertise so much about “0 time”. It is what it is. I’ll keep everyone posted on this platform on progress!

Thanks for looking out!