Obtaining PPL where to begin

So I just got a big blow to the gut by finding out that ATP requires 60 credits or job experience in order to start. Forgive me if this sounds like another thread I am new to this form and am just so excited to start this new and exciting career,so my dilemma is that I don’t have enough college credits or work for an airline or served in the military, so I must start elsewhere for my ppl. I don’t have expendable amounts of cash to front so I must apply for separate loans in order to complete my training. I am concerned that one loan out will not allow me to get another for when I start ATP. Can anyone shed some light on this if you have any info on weather or not this will be a factor on my advancement into this career goal.

I was once in your shoes… First I should ask, are you confusing “work experience” with working in a aviation field? When I was first introduced to ATP I also felt really down due to the fact I didn’t have 60 credits nor have I worked in the airline industry. However After talking to admissions and sending my transcript and resume over they were able to grant me admissions based off of my work experience (4 years in banking). So first before feeling let down I would call admissions and ask/tell them about your sisuation.

When it comes to your PPL, if you are able to attend ATP (given admissions approved your request) I would suggest doing your training from PPL all the way to CFI at ATP. I have a start date of July 17th starting from zero time, and before committing to ATP, I researched majority of the flight schools in my area regarding my PPL and after doing some thinking. I realized that I would spend either the same amount if not more and It would take me much longer to get to the airlines, and that’s one of my goals right now.

Hope that helps out… I’m not an expert in this but I kind of share of the same experience you are having.

-Earv :slight_smile:

Ohh and one last thing regarding the loan…

That’s another reason why I would suggest doing everything at ATP, instead of taking out two loans (one for PPL and another for ATP) you’re chances of getting approved for the 2nd loan (ATP) would be a lot harder as you will have an unsecured loan that hasn’t been paid off which then will make your DTI (debt to income ratio) a lot higher.

Verses getting one Loan you will only have to worry about it one time. :slight_smile:

Earv,wow you hit it right on the money. I have been in a stooper all day once this news came in. I didn’t speak to admissions I only spoke to the person that answers the calls from the selected number you press on your key pad. So I see now that they don’t have all the answers…lol feeling a bit better now. I also have been researching all the local flight schools and let me tell ya…$$$$ and it’s just as I thought 10-15k like you said that’s 2 unsecured loans not a favorable win for me when attempting to obtain another loan. My initial goal and still is, is to start and finish with ATP all the way. I have minimum college credits as well and the whole work experience situation is,no I’ve never worked for an airline and never served this country.It was explained to me that I needed either of these to qualify for entrance into their program in order to start from zero, I am 43yrs old and have had longevity at my job so was thinking shouldn’t that be acceptable? It would be insane to have two loans out like that and not to mention most schools are going to bring you up to say 60hrs, ATP wants 80 so there is more cash to fill in the difference . Earv, you have been a big help and will keep you posted on my situation. I have a tour of the Las Vegas school on Friday . Again thanks for your input and advice, have a wonderful evening.

No problem glad I was able to assist/help. Like I say best thing to do is let someone from admission tell you what needs to be done. Enjoy your tour, the tour is like test driving a car, after test driving a particular car to your likings, you’ll eventually buy the car. And based of my tour I doubt you will be disappointed! My start date is July 17th and I’ve been working on my written exams hope fully at the end of next week I’ll be ready to knock out the private pilot written exam… why do I say all this because it all started with a tour lol. Now I’m in the program and completed my intro module! :blush:

That’s amazing my friend, congrats to you and much success in this amazing career I can’t wait to Belgians well it’s going to be such a life long dream come true, I feel somewhat of a weight lifted off of my shoulders, again thanks for all you’ve done with your advice.


ATP requires two years of college or two years of military or work experience. Call admissions and talk to them about your particular situation.


First thing this morning,thanks and let me say, you guys are awesome I love the quick responses and solid felt support. :grin: