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October 2021 Schedule

Hey everyone! I attended ATP in Tampa in 2017, and proceeded to flight instruct, fly small charters, 135 cargo, 135 commuter, and now 121 cargo. I’m going to start submitting my schedule monthly as well to give everyone a look at what the 121 ACMI cargo work looks like. I work for ABX Air and fly Amazon, DHL, and occasionally some charter flights. I’ve been here since late April, and began flying at the beginning of July.

Per our contract, we get 14 days off a month. This month, I had what we call a composite line, which is designed to be a mix of reserve and flying that we bid on after all the schedules are out. In November, I have a normal line, so no more reserve! I got lucky with the Cologne layover, as DHL changed up schedules, which cancelled our initial flight and gave me almost 5 full days to explore Germany. Because of that long layover, I had to drop my next trip to England, and picked up the Amazon trip to avoid the uncertainty of being on reserve. At the end of the month, I have my 6 month recurrent classes and sim, and they are on off days so looks like I’ll be getting some overtime days.

  2. CVG-ILN(limo), ILN-SFO
  3. Layover
  4. SFO-ILN, ILN-CVG(limo)
  5. Airport reserve, called for: CVG-JFK, JFK-CVG(deadhead)
  6. Short call reserve
  7. CVG-MIA(deadhead), MIA Covid test
  8. MIA-BRU, BRU-CGN(limo)
  9. Layover
  10. Layover
  11. Layover
  12. Layover
  13. CGN-CVG
  16. Layover
  17. ABE-CVG
  18. Off
  19. Off
  20. Off
  21. Off
  22. Off
  23. Off
  24. Off
  25. Off
  26. Off
  27. CRM class
  28. Off
  29. 6 month LOFT sim
  30. Off
  31. Off

Awesome! Can’t wait to get a glimpse in to the 121 Cargo world. Not a bad schedule starting off…

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Thanks! What type of aircraft are you flying? How common is it to be able to do international flights doing cargo / charter at this stage of your career?


Until Kamrin responds, check out the end of his last thread where he details alot of his journey:


Hey Jeff,
I fly the Boeing 767. We fly the -200 and -300 variants. I’m pretty low time compared to almost everyone else at my company, but I did take a more unconventional route to get here. But at this point, around 4 years after starting training at ATP, I’m starting to see some classmates begin to get hired at other ACMI carriers, low cost carriers, etc.