January 2022 Schedule

Last month was busy to say the least. My line that I bid was exclusively Europe flying, but due to some DHL scheduling changes, I ended up with some days to fill. I ended up grabbing an extra trip to Europe as well as picking up 2 overtime trips on some off days. It was definitely a good month for the paycheck, but also very tiring! On one of the layovers, I was able to drive to Detroit and watch the Packers put on a terrible performance, otherwise the layovers were all filled with studying and other such exciting things.

  1. Off
  2. Off
  3. Off
  4. Deadhead CVG-MIA
  5. MIA-CGN
  6. Layover
  7. CGN-JFK
  8. JFK-CVG
  9. Off
  10. Off
  11. Deadhead CVG-ORD
  12. ORD-EMA
  13. Layover
  16. Off
  18. Layover
  20. Layover
  21. ORD-EMA
  22. Layover
  23. EMA-CVG
  24. CVG-PHX
  25. PHX-CVG
  26. Off
  27. Off
  28. Off
  29. Off
  30. Off
  31. Off

Hi Karmin,
For your flights that are over 8 hours, are there usually 3 pilots onboard? If so, how do the pilots rotate their breaks, and is there some sort of crew rest area?

That is correct. The division of duty is up to the captain. Typically each guy will spend a couple hours out of the seat.

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