Part 61 vs. 141? Freelance instructor vs. flight school?

I hope I am posting in the right forum, haha.

So I have a bit of a situation: I have been going through a 141 school at my local airport. I started in October, and I have 38 hours, and I’ve spent between 8,000-10,000 dollars. I still haven’t soloed. I talked to an independent instructor and she thinks she can get me to solo very soon and can get me to my PPL before the beginning of May. She estimates this to cost around 8,750 dollars.

My first question is, will it make a difference to the airlines whether I go to a part 61 or 141 school? Is there a higher chance I’ll get hired with a 141 school?

My second question is, do the airlines prefer to see someone from a school or someone who works with an independent instructor?

Finally, is there any possibility I could do both at the same time?

Thank you for your help!


The airlines don’t care if your training was Part 61 or 141 nor if it’s flight school or independent (particularly if we’re talking about your PPL). They want well trained pilots with quality flight time and no or few busts.



The airlines will not care one bit, or even ask, whether you trained at a part 141 or 61 school. All they care about is the licenses.

38 hours is a lot to have not soloed. I would definitely look at getting a new CFI.

I do not see how, or why, you would work with two flight instructors at the same time. It is best to find one good CFI and stick with them.


As a CFI/CFII I make sure all my students that want to fly professionally know the difference between a license and a certificate. :wink: