Pilot certificate

I’ve heard someone once say that this program can only get you certified but then later on when you try to apply for a pilot position there can be issues, I don’t know if this is true or not but I’m really interested in joining the ATP program, I know it will be hard but I would really liked to know that even tho I can get certified what else do I need to do?

Can someone please explain to me if this is true or not?

Thank you.!


I’ve heard people say the world is flat and the moon is made of cheese. People say ALOT of things that just ain’t true.

The FACT is ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for almost 40yrs and have had over 1,000 pilots hired in the last 12mos alone. The only misconception I can see here is that some people think after you complete your flight training that you should be able to go straight to the airlines and that’s not possible with ANY program. In order to fly for an airline you must have at least 1500hrs of flight time. That means after you complete your training, you’ll then need to instruct or find some other low time pilot job to build the remaining flight hours.



ATP helps get you your licenses, it his up to you to get the required 1,500 hours of flight time to be an airline pilot. Most people do this via flight instructing. I do not know what issues could arise post ATP, the licenses are the same no matter which school you get them through.



ATP is a flight school designed to get you to your goal the most efficient pathway to becoming an airline pilot. While you’re attending ATP, you will be exposed to airline career-oriented training, operations and fly some of the most modern aircraft out there, full glass panel, great safety record and more. After you acquire your certificates, it is up to you for building your experience and skills to reach the airlines.

There are obvious reasons why graduates (like me) love ATP, look through the student experiences on the forum and also the ATP Facts:



If you go to law school or medical school are you guaranteed a job after graduation? No of course not, it’s no different for the aviation industry! ATP provides the pathway to success but you have to show up, put in the time and effort and ensure your own success.