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Hello, my name is mahamoudou siby I live in new York city I found college not good choice for me right now .I’m interested in changing my career by being a pilot I would appreciate your suggestion on training fligth schools ? And if I met my aspiration by completing my training in one of training school can I be internationally aproved pilot and what is job opportunity after finishing your training and what is difference between commercial pilots and airline transport pilots ? Thank you so much looking forward to your answer

Hello Mahamoudou,

There are many good flight schools around the country. I’m obviously partial to ATP. The training is professional and very efficient. However ATP will only accept students with a college degree, a Private pilot license or comparable work experience. As far as being “internationally approved” there is no such thing. Most countries have their own version of the FAA (some Civil Aviation authority) and have their own licensing. Depending on the country it may be a simple conversion, in others it’s a very length and arduous process. After training your options for employment will be limited due to your lack of experience. The most common way to gain that experience and build time is by flight instructing. If you attend ATP, and do well, they will guarantee you an instructor position.

There are 3 types of pilot licenses, Private, Commercial and ATP (Airline Transport Pilot). The Private allows you to fly recreationally or for other personal uses. The Commercial allows you to fly and get paid. A Commercial is required to instruct, fly cargo, tours etc. The final license is the ATP and is required to fly for an airline.



Welcome to the forums! Going through ATP’s Career Pilot Program will get you the licenses you need to fly for a US carrier. If you want to fly for an international carrier you will need to look into the International variation of ATP’s program, which you can find here:

Commercial pilots are pilots that meet the basic requirements of that certificate, in simple terms it means that they have 250 hours and have passed the Commercial pilot check ride. In theory they can fly to earn money, but generally speaking those opportunities are limited to being a flight instructor or banner towing, etc. An ATP certificate is the next certificate and is the highest that a pilot can get. Generally speaking one must have 1,500 hours of flight time and pass the ATP check ride. This certificate allows a pilot to fly for the airlines.

The job prospects for pilots are very good right now. The regional airlines are in a hiring crunch and as such most pilots are getting picked up by an airline as soon as they reach 1,500 hours. This is one of the best times to enter the field. The airlines are growing and the pilot jobs are growing with them.

Feel free to ask other questions as you think of them. I look forward to working with you.