Pilot Hiring Announcements

As we turn the corner on Covid, the airlines are starting to hire again. Check out this link for updated information on which airlines are hiring:



This is very good to see! It looks like the worst is behind us. Best of luck to all the current students and instructors! Hopefully to be joing you soon😉

A memo from Chief of Operations John Laughter says… “Looking ahead, we’re preparing to potentially build back to 2019 levels of flying by summer 2023,” he wrote. “This decision is a significant step to position Delta for the network recovery and supports projected customer demand.”

This is great news, as I’m scheduling to have ATP tuition saved by late 2023. If the industry is back in demand, then I’m sure ATP will have resumed the guaranteed flight instructor position without months of backlog.


You’re probably right and there’s no question as things ramp up the backlog will disappear.

Just keep in mind the “guaranteed” instructor position was for successful ATP grads who acted professionally, were good students, and had min checkride failures.



Since eliminating the guaranteed instructor position, ATP has continued to hire many instructors. I for one am a fan of hiring the best pilots, ones who have done well in the program and are respected by other instructors and students. Strive to be one of those and not somebody who rests on a guarantee.


Yep all good news on the recovery front! I’d imagine by then the backlog should be cleared and tuition reimbursement programs back in full as well.