Possible career change to pilot

Hey guys, I know you get questions like this a lot but I’m curious about my personal situation. I’m 38 and considering switching careers. I’m currently in sales and do pretty well(6 figures) but I’m burnt out. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and I wish I had pursued this in my 20’s like I was planning to. Someone talked me out of it :roll_eyes:. But here’s the deal, I dropped out of high school and got my ged and never pursued college. Long story but in a nut shell I had to get to work because my dad became ill. Does not having a degree hamper your ability to move up quickly? I’m an extremely hard worker and quick learner. I really want to do this and I’m in a situation where I can pay for all my training without any loans but don’t want to waste my time either. Thanks in advance!


Yes, not having a 4yr degree can impact your advancement in this industry.

While the Majors don’t require a degree it’s still preferred and if you don’t have one those that do well get the nod before you do.



Yes, not having a college degree can have a huge impact on your career. The regionals do not require degrees, and while the majors might have technically dropped their degree requirements, they all still prefer one.

The good news is that many colleges will give credits for flight training:



You would be fine getting all the way to the regionals without the degree. However, once you’re there we recommend you start working on it online. You can continue to build your flying experience, have your applications out there and be working on your degree. If you get pulled by a major without it, great! If you don’t then completing the degree will give you that boost in your application value.


Thank you so much for the insight. This is very helpful. I reached out to the colleges in the link. I really appreciate it!