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I download this app and it looks good but I am just wondering if someone can confirm it is a good study app or could recommend some others.
The app is “prepware private pilot”


I am not familiar with it. I would go with one of the more established names, such as Sporty’s, King Schools, or Jeppesen.


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Is Sporty’s any good?


Personally I’m a fan of King’s but I have heard good things about Sporty’s



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I have used both Sportys and Kings and I thought Kings was a bit better, provided you can handle John King’s demeanor and humor. For the written test I felt the free practice test on King school website for the PAR was actually a pretty good representation of the types of questions you get on the real thing, better than the sportys question bank imho.



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Thank you

Thank you.

Hey Daniel,

I did my PPL outside of ATP where I used Sporty’s for the online ground and private pilot Prepware right before my written. I felt both did well in getting me ready for the exam. Kings and Shepherd is all I use since joining ATP and both are great for the remaining exams.

Good luck!

Sporty’s is fine, but I will add my vote to the King’s column.

Is the free part of the app enough or do I need to buy the extra parts? also I plan on taking as many exams before i attend ATP. where do I go to take those exams and how much does it cost?

The online ground schools and Prepware app will cost money to get the most out of the respective service. I believe with Prepware you’re paying for access to the the entire bank of questions which could appear on the exam. It’s better to pay and be adequately prepared to get the best possible score, than try to cut corners and skim by. Although 70 is passing, any subject you miss on the written is required to be part of the oral portion of your checkride. This is on top of the DPEs normal set of questions.

You can find testing centers and register here: Login - PSI - True Talent Enterprise

The cost is $175/exam last I checked.


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