PPL Before ATP

Hello again,
I am very eager to begin flying but I’m not sure if I should wait until after college to start. Would it make sense to earn my private pilot license while I am in college and fly in my free time, then go straight to ATP after college. Or would it make more sense to start at ATP, after college, with zero experience and earn all my licenses within a closer time period.



The first option you proposed is exactly what I did.

You will not be able to go straight from high school to ATP as they require two years of college, work experience or a PPL. Check out our FAQ section as your question is addressed in depth there.


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Sounds good, thanks for the info Chris!

I also did the first option, and while this won’t apply to everyone, I’m glad I went to college first because I think I am doing better than I would have had it not really Leone to college because in those four years I grew a lot and just figured out me

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