Complete PPL During ATP or Before

Hello there,

It’s been a little while since I’ve last spoken on here and currently am a senior in High School. Just got a question regarding the PPL. Do you believe I should complete it during college at a different school before joining ATP or start from zero time at ATP?



I got my PPL at a different school while I was in college, it was a disaster. The school only had a few airplanes, it seemed like one was always down for maintenance, instructor availability was not good and the quality of instruction was not what it should have been. I made it through in the end, but it took way more time and money than it should have. This is sadly a common story with many local flight schools.

My personal recommendation is that if you intend on doing the rest of your flight training with ATP, wait and do your PPL there as well. It just makes more sense to start where you are going to finish. You will learn the ATP way from day one and thus not have any bad habits to unlearn when you get to ATP (like I did). Also, training gets stale when not used. I think it makes the most sense to focus on your grades in college, then complete your flight training.



If you’re certain you want to be a pilot and you plan on doing the majority of your training with ATP, why would you want to do your initial (ie, the foundation of your flight training) elsewhere? The only time I ever recommend that is if you’re not really sure you’re ready to dive in with both feet.