Hi everyone,

What would flight school look like if you started while you were pregnant? Is it possible?


Not a great plan in my opinion. While I’ve obviously never been pregnant, I have been around my share of pregnant women (wife, daughter, etc etc). Thing is flight training depends heavily on consistency. I don’t care how easy your pregnancy is (no guarantees it will be), at some point you’ll need to miss some flights and eventually stop altogether. Pilot skills are perishable and breaks (particularly in the beginning) are a bad idea.

That said ultimately it’s your call.


Thanks Adam, I so appreciate your input!


Possible? Maybe, but not advised. You would also need to check with your AME because there will be a time far enough along that they won’t let you be in the air.

I agree with Adam. It’s just the fact that a big gap in your training is inevitable during the birth of your child and first few months of bonding. Flight training takes all your time and focus. Best to wait until you have that to give.