Questions about becoming an Airline Pilot

I am an 8th grader currently, and I am considering becoming an airline pilot for a major airline, like United or Delta. I was wondering how I can pay for flight school and how much it costs, and how i can build enough flight hours to become an airline pilot. Is there any way I can go to college, get a job, and gain flight hours with a full-time job? I want to major in Computer Science.



First things first, just focus on getting great goods in school. There is nothing you can do to get ahead that early on.

When you’re getting close to graduating high school, find a good school for computer science and stick to a budget. You can try to work part time to save up some money during college but once you graduate and start flight training, you won’t be able to work at the same time. Flight training has to be a full time commitment.

Most students get a loan to cover the cost of flight training. It can be very difficult to be approved and most need a co-signer.

Feel free to browse the forum and visit the program timeline on the ATP website. But to answer your questions, flight training ranges from $75k-95k depending on the timeline, aircraft you train in and hours you spend along the way. Once you get all your ratings, most pilots flight instruct to start earning an income and building hours.



Please check out this link, it has detailed answers on the whole process to become an airline pilot.


Thank you. That answers all my questions.


Thank you.

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.