Wanting to become a pilot but don't know how

Hi, my name is Chris and i am from the US. I really want to become an airline pilot but i just don’t know the right steps to take, i am a junior in highschool and i am planning on going to take flight classes as a start and also because i think it’s really fun to fly an airplane, but i wanna do the right thing since the beginning, can someone please explain me how this business really works and the steps to becoming an airline pilot? Thanks.

Hi Christopher,

The best advice I can give you as a HS junior is to do well in HS and then get a degree. The flight training will come but for now the best thing you can do is finish your education.

After that the process is fairly straight forward. Get your degree (doesn’t really matter in what), go to flight school and earn your licenses and ratings, build the required 1500hrs required to fly for an airline, get hired at a Regional, upgrade to Capt at that Regional, get hired by a Major, smile ALOT cause you’ve got the greatest job on Earth! :slight_smile:



Thanks you so much, well since i wanna be a pilot i was thinking about getting my major on aviation, and also, how can i earn money while I’m doing all that stuff? I mean after college, while I’m earning all my licenses and how do i earn them by the way? Hope I’m not asking too many questions.


NEVER too many questions. Your earn your licenses by going to flight school (as I said above) which involves ground, flight and sim training. I recommend an accelerated program (like ATP) that mirrors that of the airlines to get you used to the rapid pace. After you complete your training you can work as a flight instructor and get paid. Flight training however is full-time and as such you would not be able to work. Many people take out student loans above the cost of training to keep themselves afloat.