Questions for Adam

Hello Adam,

Hope its fine that I’m reaching out to you directly. I’m not sure if I have had the opportunity to fly with you yet but I’m actually a Flight Attendant with Hawaiian. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to persue becoming a pilot. I have my Introductory Flight scheduled for tomorrow so I’m taking that first step but if you have any time I’d love to ask you some questions specific to my situation. Please send me a private message if thats possible or email me at theleavers AT



We like to keep the discussions open for everybody to see and usually somebody else can benefit from your situation and questions.


Aloha Mike,

Not sure if we’ve flown but since I’m the only pilot at Hawaiian with a NY accent I’m easy to find. As Chris said we like to have people post so others can benefit but see if you can find me and we’ll chat.


I’m a year out from retiring from the navy and currently flying KingAirs in Japan. My wife and I are considering moving to Brisbane when I leave active duty as she is from Oz. Are there any pilot positions with Hawaiian there? I know you guys do training there. We have school aged kids and are not quite set up for Oahu’s housing prices. I appreciate your time.


Hawaiian has 1 base and 1 base only, Honolulu. While we do our training in BNE we fly our instructors down as contractually they must be current pilots on our seniority list. That said we do have a few pilots who commute from Australia. I wouldn’t want to but it can be done.