Ready to take the leap but

First time posting, I have done a little reading through a few posts, I see there are some people in a similar situation. I am looking for some honest, non-sugar coated answers.
Quick background on me: 35, married with 2 kids, college degree, career isn’t going down the path it started on. Always wanted to be a pilot and I did get a couple of hours logged about 13 years ago. During my discovery flight all I could think about was how I belonged in the air. Couldn’t continue with it due to getting married, school, work, kids, etc.
I’ll get to the point now, I can write a biography another day.
What are the details regarding the airlines paying, or reimbursing, on student loans? Are they paying for the loans that go towards paying for flight training and if so, how much and how long do they pay?
I have read about the shared housing for students and instructors that ATP helps provide but that is just shared rooms. Is there anything for someone with a family?
I think this is a good start on my questions, I have several more but this post is getting pretty long.
Thank you.


Check out this link for info on Tuition Reimbursement:

As for the housing it is only available to ATP students and instructors (no family, friends, pets). Many people (myself included) find it beneficial to be away from the family during training. The ATP program is highly accelerated and requires a fair amount of focus and dedication and family can be a huge distraction.