Regional planes and number of pilots

Would you get upgraded quicker if the regional is smaller with less pilots? I see some in my area that have 2000 pilots and some have only 686 pilots. Also, is there a way to find out what airplanes are flown by certain airlines at certain domiciles?


Not necessarily. Everything is relative and it’s more than just the size. In fact often busier/larger airlines have more movement. Take a look over here, there’s lots of good info including the last upgrade. That will give you some idea: That all said while I understand everyone is looking for a quick upgrade this is not a race. Just because a pilot can upgrade doesn’t mean they should. That 4th stripe ands considerable weight to your shoulders.

As for what planes where you can contact the Regionals themselves for that info. They’re all hungry for pilots and their recruiting depts. are more than happy to answer your questions. Personally I really couldn’t care less what planes where. If you can be based close to home and have little or know commute your life will be infinitely easier. Since no Regionals are flying Boeings or Airbus’, the specific RJ is of little importance.


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Thanks Adam.