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Hello~ I’m Terresa Ahn Korean/American and I’m 13 years old. I was born in Las Vegas and my both parents are Korean. I’m living in a Saipan (CNMI) close to Guam. I’m dreaming to be a Woman Airline Captain. And I’m thinking that if I graduate high school at 16 and graduate a college at 20 years old and then becoming a Pilot.

  1. How long does it takes to be an Airline Captain?
  2. Can you please recommend a nice Airline college?
  3. What is the minimum GPA to go into an Airline College?
  4. Is it hard to become a Women Pilot and Captain?
  5. 16 is available to go to the Airline College?
  6. Before becoming a Pilot, How many licenses will be great to have? and What license should I get?
  7. What are the Bad benefits that you/I get after becoming a Captain.
  8. What are the Good benefits that you/I get after becoming a Captain.
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  1. That can vary greatly. When you say Airline Capt I assume you mean for a Major which can take many years. Some people never get there.

  2. We don’t recommend aviation colleges or universities. Nice or otherwise. We recommend getting a degree in something else as a backup.

  3. See #2

  4. Becoming a Capt is hard regardless of your gender and takes alot of hard work and dedication.

  5. See #2 but you’d have to ask the college of your choice

  6. I’ll assume you mean an airline pilot? You need to earn your Private, your Commercial and your multi, instrument and instructor ratings.

  7. As I said it takes alot of hard work and there are no guarantees you’ll be successful. Many people don’t like the time away from home.

  8. Coolest job on Earth. See the World. Excellent pay.

Teresa you really need to visit our FAQ section as we answer all these questions in greater detail as well as many others.


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First we recommend you finish a 4 year degree from a college or university not in aviation. We say this so you end up having a backup plan in case of future furloughs. An aviation degree doesn’t provide you any advantages to your airline career. Just a wasted degree. Once you finish that, start your flight training. If you go an expedited route like through the ATP program, it will take you 9 months as a student to earn all the certificates and ratings you need to be an airline pilot (Private, instrument, commercial single engine, commercial multi and then your instructor ratings). Then after you complete you student ratings, an additional 1.5 years building your hours as an instructor. By the 2-2.5 year mark, you’ll have your 1500 hours and can start flying for a regional. You’ll be an FO for 2-4 years after that depending on that specific airlines upgrade time before you can become a captain. From a female perspective, it is not harder necessarily because we study the same material and have to perform to the same standards. However, as a minority in anything, you will face challenges occasionally. Times are changing but it’s still a men’s industry. Be good at your craft and you will get respect. It really is the greatest job in the world if you don’t mind being away from home. Fun job, great pay, travel the world, etc. The only drawback is, you have to be flexible in your living arrangements, schedule, etc. If you like to stay home and have structured predictable schedule and base, you will struggle.


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