School And ATP

I know its been asked and answered plenty of times, but I have a certain question about it. I’m taking 21 credits this semester so I can get all my classes done before flight training. I’ll have 5, 2 credit classes after this semester. Do you like it would be possible to take 1 class per semester, or no? The classes are aviation classes that I’ll have left after ATP. At this pace I will have my 2-year degree before I get hired by a regional airline.


I’m really not 100% sure what you’re asking? (as much of your post is illegible). I think you’re asking if you can take any classes while you’re in training. As you said, this question has been asked and answered many times so I’m not sure why you think you’ll get a different answer now? Anyway here’s the deal, you can do anything you want but the reality is either your college class or ATP will suffer. If it’s ATP that ends up on the weak side you’ve just spent $65k, maybe busted a few writtens or even a checkride, and lost your opportunity to instruct so you can earn your 2yr degree before you get hired by a Regional that doesn’t require one. I guess my question is why would you even try?



You really, really need to be able to focus solely on flight training while you are at ATP. Your classes, while aviation classes, will still divert your time away from your studies. While you are an instructor it might be more feasible.



Don’t do it. ATP’s schedule can be demanding and spontaneous. If you miss a
lesson because of school you’d be giving ATP a reason to terminate your
program. Be patient. Finish school before committing your time to ATP.