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Hello, I am currently searching for a flight school and I am very confused. If a student likes to take the time to comprehend concepts and using them, Do you recommend ATP’s fast-paced program is suitable for that student in order for his/her to finish the training with proficiency and efficiently?
Or is that because I am not in the training yet and overthinking ahead with zero experience. Have you ever felt that way before you started your training and how did it change after your training?
How does ATP support a student if for some reason they fall behind a little?

your reply would greatly help!


Do you not believe someone can not take their time or go through an accelerated program AND comprehend concepts? If not, or more to the point you are not capable, then commercial aviation might not be for you.

ATP was created by airline pilots to train airline pilots and has successfully been do so for over 30 yrs. The founders recognized there was a problem in the way most people train vs the airlines and the military. You see many people would take years to complete their training, taking their time until they felt warm and fuzzy about everything. Unfortunately when these same pilots were then thrust into the highly accelerated nature of airline training (commonly referred to as “the firehose”) they would fail miserably. ATPs program was designed to prepare future pilots for this environment and ultimately be successful. You ask if the program is suitable for a student to finish their training with proficiency and efficiently? That’s exactly what it does and why ATP has placed hundreds of pilots with the airlines every year.

That all said it’s completely normal to have some anxiety about the program before you start (I know I did) but if you’re willing to step up and put in the work you can be successful. It will not be easy but that’s the point. Flying, particularly airline training is not easy and if you don’t believe you’re capable of completed ATPs program what would make someone believe airline training would be easier (trust me it’s not).

ATP gives its students all the resources they need to be successful in the program but there is no “fall behind”. You simply need to work harder and not. I found it to be extremely challenging but I also know the program gave me the tools I needed to do well when I got to my first airline and that’s the main reason I support the program. The question becomes are you willing to do the work and make sure you keep up?

Btw, you don’t mention any flight experience? If you’ve never been up in a small plane I strongly recommend you do before you invest time and money into any program.


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ATP has been training pilots for a very long time. In fact, they have trained more airline pilots than any other flight school in the US. Their program is dialed in to be exactly what the vast majority of students need. If you need extra time on a particular concept, your instructor will of course be willing to work with you and help you grasp it. We all have been there on one topic or another. Also, flight time can usually be moved from one portion of the program to another if you are needing extra time in a certain area.

I felt a bit intimidated when I began my training, but I think that is normal. Over time, I began to be more comfortable. I would be lying though if I said I still didn’t get a bit of nerves whenever I take a check ride at work.


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