Seasonal Weather and its Affect on Class Dates

Right now I’m in the admissions process for ATP and I forcast that if all goes well I will be going to class in the winter season. I will be attending the Long Island flight school and I do know that weather in the North East during the winter time can get pretty bad. I do know certain conditions can be handled but a lot of other conditions can’t be. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on how the course plan gets altered and how ATP usually deals with these type of concerns so I cna see if it is worth still attending during the my current forecasted start date or if I should wait to get a start date in the spring.

I would not let weather be a concern. The program is nine months long, there will be a lot of weather variables at any location during nine months. The program is designed with a bit of spare time in it just for reasons like this. When I went through the program we had a massive ice storm, everything was grounded for days. I still finished on time.


Every area of the country has their weather challenges (winters in the NE, T-storms in the south, rain/fog in the NW etc). The program originally was 6mos but was extended due to the examiner shortage and to accommodate weather delays. I was an instructor at the Morristown NJ location and we were fine. There’s plenty to due and rarely do weather events extend beyond a few days (plus you’ll get some great experience).

I wouldn’t change the date.



The instructor should be monitoring the forecast and scheduling flights on good weather days and scheduling grounds and sims on bad weather days. It’s not a perfect system, but it should keep the student on track as best as possible.


thanks for the insight everyone, I greatly appreciate the input. looks like I won’t be letting the seasons delay my admission.

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.