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I am new to this website so I have been reading the forum to learn more before asking any questions that were already answered. I keep seeing answers about a pilot shortage, so that makes me wonder. Since there is a pilot shortage and its “easier” to pilots to get hired since they are in high demand, wont that make it “harder” to get in since there are going to be more people applying? Just like if a standardized test for school becomes easier, the requirements for a good grade become harder since everyone is expected to do better? Am I thinking too deeply about this? Please let me know. Thanks in advance ladies and gentlemen.


At some point, yes. That could happen, but you need to realize that flight schools can only train so many pilots per year. Then, pilots have to build 1500 hours before being eligible. The regionals are hurting more than the majors. While the regionals have seemed to catch up a little, they are not slowing their hiring efforts.



It’s simply a matter of supply and demand. Even with the new interest there’s simply no way for the airlines to keep up with the retirements.

You see the retirements are an absolute. You must retire at 65 and they know exactly how many people are. Even with all the excitement not everyone who decides they’d like to fly will be successful or even start training. Based on the projections they won’t catch up for some time.

Regardless there are no guarantees. If you’re considering this career simply because you think it will be easy to get hired trust me there are easier careers out there to get into.


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You are thinking too deeply about this. Shortage or not, the FAA tests to become a pilot do not change. This is not something that can (or should) flex with supply and demand. There might come a point where the pool of qualified applicants does increase, but it takes a very long long time for pilots to train and there will always be retirements and the need to replace those pilots. In short, I would not worry too much about it.