Should I take the FAA medical exam before I contact ATP?

So I have no particular reason to think I won’t pass the medical exam, but should I take it first before I contact ATP to express my interest?



I did Step 1 over a week ago and have not heard back from a representative? Do you know how long it typically takes?

Not that long, I’d give them another call.



Never hurts to make a follow-up call if you haven’t heard in a week. Other than that, the steps link Adam shared is the preferred route. I don’t see a problem with getting a medical, your medical will be valid for 5 years under these following stipulations: 1st Class Privileges - first 12 calendar months, then it will proceed to 2nd and 3rd Class Privileges for the remainder of the validation. You will just want to re-apply for 1st Class Medical before applying to cadet programs or airline job.


So I gave them another call, and finally got a call back. The gentleman I talked to informed me that they are trying to remove the pre-test from the website, and you cannot take the admissions flight until you have filled out the application and completed the admissions interview. He told me I would recieve the application in my email within 10 minutes, and will recieve a call after it has been accepted, but I never recieved anything.

Now I am thinking he meant the loan application. Do I have to fill that out before I even talk to anyone at the school? I began filling it out and stopped where it asked what month you will begin and complete your education as I don’t have definitive answers yet.


Take a look at the link Adam posted above that talk about the enrollment steps. Applying for financing is the first big step prior to any intro flight or admission interview. Once you get the loan approved from the lender, the wheels should start turning.


Thanks for the advise and reassurance. I realized I was being impatient, thinking the wheels weren’t turning. I recieved the email for how to fill out the loan application today, I now have that out of the way. I feel better that the process is moving forward.