Start Date and Headset Advice

Hey guys,

So I just set my start date of April 17th at the Denver location. Pretty excited! I just had a quick question on a headset I am looking at. It is a David Clark Model H10-60 Professional with the straight cord. I found a decent deal on a used one but want to make sure that will work sufficiently to get me through school at least. Thanks for the advice!



Dave Clark makes a fine product and are actually industry standard at many Regional airlines. They’ll serve you well through training and even long after that with minimum care. I do have to admit I’m a HUGE fan of the Bose and would encourage you (if/when you have some extra cash) to give them a look. You’ve got some LONG days ahead and the Bose are both quiet and very comfortable. I know money may be an issue so now might not be the time, just saying I feel they’re a great investment for the future.



I definitely recommend starting out with something used. Many people buy a headset before they even commit to flight training and then after a few flights they want to get rid of it. Go on eBay and try to find a good deal. I bought my first headset (a David Clark as well) for $200 or so on eBay and it was in great condition when I got it. I remember they were $320 new so I was happy with that purchase.


Thank you guys for the advice! I will eventually try out a Bose headset but for now, they are a tad bit out of my budget.

What Bose model would you suggest?


Bose A20, with or without bluetooth is your choice but I’m guessing you wouldn’t ever use it during training or instructing and it’s an additional $100 or so on the headset price…

Hope that points you in the right direction.


Nor should you use it (Bluetooth) as a professional in the cockpit.


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The Bluetooth feature would be a benefit in general aviation if you used Foreflight and a stratus system for instance, it connects via Bluetooth and can give you voice alerts and warnings for things like terrain.