Start Date Approaching

I’m about to start the program on June 1st in Chicago! I can’t wait to start flying again so I can finally achieve my childhood dream. I’m starting the program as a private finish-up student, so I’ll be getting my license pretty soon. This forum is awesome and I’m really glad that this exist! I’ll be posting more as I progress through the program. I’m looking forward to chatting with you all and sharing my journey with everyone!

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Hi Marc,

See you there! I started at CHI in March from zero hours, and am currently preparing for my first solo. Welcome to KDPA!

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That is great news, thank you for updating us. It is always nice to see people that have been on this forum for awhile take the leap and go for their dreams.

Please keep us up to date as you progress through the program.


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Hi john,

I’ll see you there!


Will do! Again, I’m looking forward to this and going through the the program.