Start date coming up

Hey guys start date is getting really close, 28 days! Excited, slightly nervous but very ready for this commitment. ATP has been in my sights for well over a year now so finally closing that gap feels very real now. I have done just about as much prep as I could to this point. Medical cleared and renewed, elevate completed, Kings school private pilot course, and all written exams except FOI which will be finished before start date. Sheppard Air was such a savior and helped me score:
IRA - 90
IGI - 94
FII - 100
CAX - 96
FIA - 99
So I recommended it to every person considering. With that said I know the writtens are without a doubt the easiest part of the program.

I’m really here looking for any more advice on being prepared for that first day and after. I have some simple knowledge about everything I’ve been studying on but it still feels very surface level mainly just due to getting through the exams. If there’s any topics or videos you could recommend that are a must to get a head start i would really appreciate it. Or anything that you wished you had done differently before or throughout the program. I’ll be flying Piper Archer G1000 out of KJQF!

I’ll be leaving my current jobs two weeks before my start date to get focused, set in routine and adjust any last minute things in order. Obviously investing so much financially, mentally and physically in this decision and want to leave to leave as little room for failure as possible. I’ll deal with the ever changing industry when i get there lol. Again beyond excited for this journey coming in with a huge amount of support from family and friends.

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Welcome and nicely done on getting ahead of your start date. I promise you, getting all that accomplished now will serve you well in the near future.

I would say to be prepared, come in fresh being able to “be private pilot checkride ready,” while it’s not a checkride day 1, the instructors are not going hold your hand while you reacquaint yourself in the flightdeck of an ATP trainer. The Piper G1000 is a fantastic aircraft, IMO, the best (I’m a low-wing guy). I would say chairfly and just enjoy these next few weeks before the journey starts. A week prior, I’d start reviewing the profiles and standards for Instrument flying that ATP provides in the Piper Archer Training Supplement as you will be flying them EVERY time. If you haven’t already, go review all your ACS codes for the IRA AKT and have questions about them for your instructor.

Please keep us updated as you go on, we love to hear check-ins.


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Awesome, thanks so much for your input. I’ll put some effort towards that.