Start Date

Hello, I just wanted to thank everyone again for all of the good insight. I finally got my start date of April3rd At ISP, excited beyond words. Just wanted to share.

That is fantastic news! Congratulations!

Please keep us up to date as you go through the program and remember that we are always here to help in any way that we can.


WooHoo! Congrats Kristopher! You’re about to start down a path that will literally take you around the world and on a very exciting and gratifying career! Kudos!


Niceeeee Congrats!!! I start that same day over at DAB!!! Keep in touch! Let’s see how our progress goes! Btw do you have all the required materials yet?

Thank you everyone, I just finalized things yesterday, I believe the materials will arrive in week or so, I just started looking over the online modules, I have a Pilots Handbook of aeronautical knowledge and Airplane flying handbook already, and have been studying them, that and my Jeppesen private pilot book, but that’s all so far, definitely keep in touch as we progress, cant wait!