Start Date, Dejan

First and foremost, a pleasure sharing this board and e-meeting you gentlemen
@Chris @Tory @Adam @gurda @Bhartnett, I hope you are all doing amazing!

I’ve enrolled in ATP 17 minutes ago with a starting date Aug 29th (Yaay me)!
Like everybody else, I want to get ahead and do writtens prior!

Everybody praising King School (and Sheppard after that), but today upon signing up they have informed me that the King School is replaced with "Elevate (ATP’s app).

I would like your advice on what to install/use in order to pass everything?
Also, if there is any discount/ ATP Student link that I should use (or just go straight from the APP store on iPad).

Any step-by-step guideline would be highly appreciated (and hopefully help someone else but me). :slight_smile:




Congratulations on a start date - that is a huge milestone in your new journey! August is plentiful time to start preparing for some written exams, like we always recommend. Get Ahead By Taking FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting ATP / ATP Flight School

For your Private Pilot, the Sporty’s Test Buddy app is solid. Furthermore, you’ll want to utilize Sheppard Air to prepare for every written thereafter.


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I am with Brady on this one, start with Sporty’s and the Sheppard Air. Congrats on the start date, you should have plenty of time to work on the writtens between now and then.

Let us know how we can be of assistance.


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Love this! Welcome, Dejan!

For step-by-step instructions: Take Your FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting ATP / ATP Flight School

Test prep software is hyperlinked on the page I shared above.

Have fun studying! Let us know how else we can help.

Again, welcome.