Starting at Denver this Fall

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a big day, I passed my PPL written exam and an hour later got notification that my Sallie Mae loan application was approved. Quite a leap in this journey, it feels like it’s all coming together! I will be starting in Denver at the Centennial location around October. I am a mom to a one year old, my husband is extremely supportive and I wouldn’t be able to do this without his help. Our plan is to live off his income/savings for the duration of my training. Any input on navigating parenthood while attending ATP, as well as any insight to the Centennial location would be great! Or just living in Denver in general, we will be moving there from Honolulu end of this summer. Thanks everyone, very excited for this journey!

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Congrats, Carissa!

Having a supportive spouse that has agreed to be the primary caregiver while you’re in the program is huge. I don’t have much advice on how to navigate parenthood during the program because the goal is that your spouse will be carrying most of that burden. The only advice I have is do what you can. Obviously, family always comes first, but under normal circumstances you should only be focused on being as successful in the program as you can.

By the way, last week ATP announced that a training center will be opening in Hilo soon. Unless you’re moving to Denver for other reasons, you should call ATP to discuss your options if that would be something that you’re interested in.


Hey Tory, thanks for the response! That’s great about Hilo, I love to see Hawaii being afforded those opportunities. For us personally, we’ve been here in Hawaii for 10+ years and it’s time to come closer to home and family, so while ATP was a large reason, it wasn’t the only motivation to relocate to Colorado. Looking forward to what the aviation community has to hold on the mainland! Mahalo.

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Congrats! Having a support system is very helpful and I am glad to hear that you earned your PPL it is alot of hard work and very challinging to get a CPL or even a CPL so congrads!

Hello Carissa - I came across your post from 2020 and I’m curious to know how your training experience went while navigating parenthood. I have an almost 2 year old and I’m considering flight school with ATP. What challenges did you face and what advice would you give? Where are you at now 3 years later? I appreciate any feedback if you see this comment. Thank you!


While it has been some time some Carissa last posted, I recommend checking out the Student Experiences section of the forum.