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ATP Flight school for 2021

Hey my name is Kate, I’m currently in the US. Army and retiring this year. I leave the military the end of this year and selecting my start date for ATP in February 2021 (Denver/Boulder) I’m trying to see if anyone else will be going through the school around the same time, and interested in splitting an apartment as roommates. I’m not interested in the student housing and sharing a bedroom with someone or four people to an apartment. Also does anyone have any advice picking between the Denver or the Boulder location? I’m from Florida so not super familiar with the locations.

From what I understand, ATP does a good job of standardizing everything, so the experience is similar at all of the locations. I’d just go with whichever one would be most convenient for you. The Boulder location is pretty new and might have less students/instructors, which I would see as a positive. This is 100% my personal opinion, but I LOVE Boulder and am a bit partial towards it. I go out to CO to hike/snowboard every year and always make a point of stopping by Boulder when I’m out there. Cool people, gorgeous city, lots to do/see.

CO will be an awesome place to do your training. The view of the Rockies is out of this world. I’m jealous!!!

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Hi Kate,
My name is Taylar and I am moving to Broomfield (the Boulder ATP location) in September. I have a 2 bedroom apartment less than a mile from the airport. I am going to be looking for a roommate when I arrive. I’m not sure if I can afford to wait until February to fill the spot, but if it is still available, it may be an option. I do have a dog!

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