Getting started!

As of today, I have officially locked in a start date for ATP’s Phoenix-Mesa location for September 16. Very much looking forward to it! I am very excited to begin this new chapter of airline pilot training with ATP.

Now just have to wait for the training materials to arrive and off to studying!




Nice, congratulations! Please keep us up to date on your progress.

Now get cracking on those writtens :slight_smile:


Just did my intro flight today at the PAE location! Had the best time of my life!!! Was able to log my 0.8 hour of flying, meet some cool people! (Students and instructor)
Super super excited to start!! Only bummed about the increased price for atp flight school from $75995-$80995 and they wouldn’t honor the price. Not a dealbreaker for me. My instructor was super cool and knowledgeable, let me
take off, maneuver the plane the whole time, even let me land the plane. Throttle control was all he did he said, but I felt he did all the work. Can’t wait to secure my start date and get going!!

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I am glad the flight went well. Thanks for the update and please keep us in the loop as you go through the program.


Hey Eric and Joseph,
Can I ask if either of you are doing this as a second career?? I’m currently very seriously considering making the transition from a completely non-aviation career to fast-tracking it to be an airline pilot, but the jump from one to the other does make me nervous.

Any feedback either of you could provide?

Hey Jasmine,

I am currently 31 years old, got 2 more months and I can retire from my insurance company with 100% residual income retirement benefit (10years to be vested). I am a resident of Hawaii and going to be relocating to Washington for ATP flight school. If
it wasn’t for my career I wouldn’t have been fortunate to qualify for flight school loan and a mortgage for my wife in Hawaii. Even though it will be a significant pay cut I am willing to sacrifice it to get my wings! ($200k-$280k annual). Still contemplating
on paying cash for atp flight school, but don’t want to be burning through savings, cause anything could happen in life.

It was a young passion and dream of mines to fly fighter jets in the Airforce, but due to my height I was to tall for the cockpit and my glasses disqualify me for my wings with the armed services. Yes it is very nerve wrecking to just jump ship into something
completely different and new…but like Adam and Chris said… they got the best office in the world!!

My wife was very hard to convince because of how comfortable her life is with the amount of money I make. But it took some hard convincing and ultimatum, she finally gave in. I wouldn’t advise you doing what I did, I literally told her “you can be a pilots
wife in the near future, or an ex wife you choose”. Thank god she chose pilots wife lol!!! After your intro flight, you will know if this path is right for you. Hope this helps, just make sure you have
support from your family and friends and take the leap of faith and just JUMP! God bless take care see you in the air someday!

Hello Joseph,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. My intro flight is scheduled for tomorrow (it was supposed to be last weekend, but mother nature put a stop to that), and I’m hoping I’ll come out of it with more clarity and less anxieties.

Good luck in your new career, and congratulations on going for a lifelong dream!

Thanks Jasmine! Im sure you will have all your anxieties go away after that intro flight! Try to get some sleep the night before… I couldn’t sleep due to excitement and nervousness. After I came back from intro flight I knocked out for 15 hours lol. You will
be fine! best of luck to you!


I just want to say IF all your anxieties don’t go away after your intro please don’t freak out. The experience is different for everyone. For some it’s love at first sight, for others it isn’t. My best advice is to relax and enjoy. People put WAYYYY too much pressure on these things which accomplishes nothing. You’re not a pilot and no one expects you to be. Have fun, enjoy the view and know the instructor has zero expectations.


Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while that I posted and came to the forum. I just wanted to say I have officially passed my 1st class medical and secured my start date at Paine Airfield on 10/7/19. Can’t wait to get to school!

Thanks for the update, keep them coming.