Success Rate to a Regional

So I am 31 and looking for a career change. Always dreamed of being a pilot as a kids as both my parents worked for United growing up (not pilots). The program at ATP seems great but with anything sometimes things look too good to be true.

With the Airline Pilot Track program to then the guaranteed instructor position, what is the success rate or percentage of those who get hired by one of the regional airlines?




Over 80% of ATP’s students complete the Airline Career Pilot Program, the vast majority of those go on to be airline pilots. In my experience as an ATP instructor the students that did not complete the program usually failed to do so because of insufficient studying or poor work ethic. I never had a student who was truly dedicated and worked hard not do well in the program.


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I completely understand and that’s one of the reasons I participate in this forum. Like you I needed a career change and had made the decision that I wanted to fly. Unfortunately I really didn’t know how to go about it or how far I could even get in aviation? Honestly although I wanted to be an airline pilot, I thought I was too old (at 39) and had always heard you had to fly for the military. ATP said not only could I but they would help with an instructor position and an interview. Again I honestly believed they were “blowing smoke”. They weren’t and here I am (writing this from ICN S.Korea) after flying last night in the cockpit of an A330 (not bad for a kid from the Bronx). The biggest caveat, if there is one, as Chris said, ATP will give you all the tools to be successful but you’re also responsible for your own success (or failure). The program is modeled after actual airline training programs and it is NOT easy. It requires hard work and discipline but it is anything but too good to be true. Wanting it is great but you also have to work for it.