T minus 30

I am starting at ATP in 4 weeks. Yep, I took the plunge and I am doing this. I was thinking of starting a video blog of the whole process. I am 44 years old and very driven. Any thoughts? I know that there are a lot of people asking about age and they feel that it can be a limitation. Well, I guess I will be finding out soon.

Hi Hunter,

Congrats sir! Hope you’re excited because you should be! Yes it will be challenging but in my experience the older student is often more disciplined and focused and usually do very well (no disrespect to the younger folks). As far as the blog goes I’m sure they’ll be days when you’ve got the time and others when it’ll be the last thing on your mind. No harm in trying.

Concerning the age it really isn’t a factor other than being aware of the finite amount of years left in your career. While the majority of pilots under 40 will most definitely move on to the Majors (if they’re able), you may or may not decide to? There are pros and cons either way. The good news is you have quite a few years before you’re in a position to make that decision and by that time you’ll have considerably more information and the decision won’t seem nearly as daunting.

Best advice I can give you is relax these next few weeks. Enjoy the family, friends, have a beer, whatever it is you like because next month ATP owns you! :wink:

Keep us posted,


I will Adam, you guys have been great. Thanks for the advice.


Congratulations on deciding to make the move and start training!

Any blog entries that you want to make would be welcome on the forum. Don’t worry about it if you get busy, but if you have time I would love to track your progress through the program, as I am sure others would as well.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.