The Loan

Hey all, I am looking forward to what advice you guys have- I am currently 89000 in the whole from my institution for an AVM degree and now I want to purse training at a 141 which is another 90000. I have always wanted to be a pilot and will get there one day. However, what is your experience with pulling out a large loan that will likely be a 18-2400 repayment? I know pilots CAN make great money. However, I’m interested im what your feelings and emotions towards this are.


I always find statements like the above curious? If you “always wanted to be a pilot”, why would you invest $89k in an AVM degree? Anyway, I digress.

Your loan payment can and will vary considerably depending on the final amount, interest rate (based on your credit), term, etc. The fact is flight training is expensive and unless you’re wealthy, pursuing this career is going to require you to either take on some serious debt or wait years until you save up enough money. This is a problem most prospective pilots face. Those with the drive (and the dream) push through the fear and accept the burden. In many cases taking a leap of faith. Scary stuff.

The good news is things have gotten so much better the last few years, your anxiety should be lessened. Newhire salaries are the highest they’ve ever been and many of the Regionals are offering 6 figure hiring bonuses that could literally pay off your debt the first year. While things can change, if the shortage continues (which it’s forecasted to), provided you do well in training and have no issues on your record, you will get hired. This is unheard-of. Back in the day just getting an interview was a major accomplishment. Now you need to meet the mins and have a pulse. While there are no guarantees, the odds of success are the best they’ve ever done in history.

My bigger question is why would you want to do your training at a 141 school vs ATP who have been training pilots for the airlines for almost 40yrs, have had over 1,100 grads hired by airlines in the last 12mos, and literally created the airline partnerships including their Direct Entry program that would allow you to bypass the Regionals and go straight to the rear seat of an Airbus or Boeing?


Well, specifically it is skyborne airline academy. Very similar to ATP and a wonderful flight school to attend as well. But I appreciate everything, you said it perfectly “leap of faith” which it is, but in order to make this passion of mine reality, it needs to be backed by work and faith. Thank you Adam, be safe.


I’m not here to pick apart your decision. Obviously you can train where you think is best, BUT, you can’t really compare Skyborne to ATP(other than they’re both flight schools).

First off I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years and have never heard of them so I visited their website. So apparently they’re a UK flight school who decided to jump on the pilot shortage bandwagon and come here. Thats fine but they’ve only been here for a year, have ZERO airline placements in this country (despite their “partnerships”), don’t include your CFII or MEI, and only have one location so employment is questionable (and it’ll be tough finding it elsewhere without at least your II).

Again, it’s got decision to train where you think of best buy $89k is alot to gamble with. If it were me (and it was) I’d be looking at schools with a PROVEN track record. But that’s me.

Oh and for the record you’re on ATP’s forum looking for advice not Skyborne’s. Oh yea, they don’t have one :wink:



I have to say, this is like a movie script title, “The Loan,” I did chuckle seeing the title on the dashboard.

Flight training is not cheap, no matter where you go most students end up taking out a portion if not all of the costs, on loan. I did, and I do not regret one decision on that. As an instructor, you can find yourself flying around 75 hours a month (maybe more) and depending on where you end up instructing and your own work ethic. If you decide to complete ATP’s program and instruct, there are always extra incentives for going above/beyond. PLUS, all the cadet programs that ATP has partnered through the airlines, which if I read correctly, you’d like to go.

What I would be thinking is, if my goal is to be an airline pilot, should I go to XYZ program or look at ATP Flight School who has put decades of students into the airline. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Skyborne Airline Academy. I don’t mean to pick apart their website, but I do love how they explicitly put in big, bolded text, “THE WORLD’S PREMIER AIRLINE TRAINING ACADEMY” to try and steer your judgement from any other flight school.

What’s holding you back from attending ATP?