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After one “finishes” the airline program, approximately how long is the “after” time of finding a job? Do pilots generally receive offers from multiple places? Would it be wrong of me to deny offers to some airlines since I want to pick a good starting airline and build my seniority with them since leaving to go to other airlines restarts seniority?
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In today’s environment with the pandemic I would take any job you can get. There’s no way to know or guess how long it takes to get a job after training. Depends on your track record, experience, willingness to relocate, types of jobs you’re willing to apply for, who you know, etc.

Hiring has slowed but jobs are out there. Will be up to you to find them.


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A couple of things. First after you finish the airline program, before any airline can be legally hired by an airline you’ll need to build the required 1500hrs. Most typically that means flight instructing or some other entry level flying position. Once you do it will be incumbent on you to apply to the airlines you deem worthy. No airline you didn’t apply to is going to make you an offer you.


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Can I become an international flight pilot completing all the requirements? Or afterwards will I have to go a different process to become one?


The licenses you get at ATP will allow you to be hired at an airline or charter company, once you have the 1,500 hours. Whatever company hires you will provide the necessary training for international flying.


Are you looking to work at a US based company and fly international or fly at a non-US airline? If you’re looking to fly at airlines in other countries you should seek your flight training in that country. The process to switch over US ratings can be lengthy and difficult.