Too young

So my age is 14 years old and I know I have to be 16 to start and 17 to get my license for the PPL. Do I was wondering what are the best things to learn to be “ahead” of my age group.


Welcome to the forums, there is a wide range of information and resources throughout the forum. Please be sure to check the FAQ’s for potential already answered questions. Technically you can start training now, you just cannot solo in an airplane until 16; furthermore, you cannot get your license until 17. I know a few young individuals from my local hometown that soloed on their 16th birthday, well before they could drive a car.

Learning to fly is an expensive trade, flying is not also for everyone. We recommend that taking an introductory flight before spending the money on materials, equipment, and training because it’s different then sitting in the back of an airliner going to Florida for vacation. The first step I would recommend would be to take introductory flight to see if you would be comfortable enough to sit behind the controls of a plane. Secondly start earning/saving money, if you can save enough to get your training done on a consistent schedule, your performance will increase - ultimately decreasing the amount of time it takes to get said license. ATP students have a flight event (whether a flight or sim session) almost every day; consistency is key to enhancing performance. Flight training is not cheap, some take loans out, I did, some have the fortunate wealth. At your age, I would start to save money and wait until I turned 16, where you can start to solo and then at 17, take your checkride for your license…


Thank you for replying back, I have although been wanting to be a pilot for years now. I think it is what I truly want to be when I grow up, I just want to know what are the simple things I need to know before starting my ppl or ground training. Thanks.


The problem with getting “ahead” before you actually start flying is that many of the concepts can be somewhat nebulous out of context. The best things you can do when you’re young is simply do well in school. Airlines hire educated well rounded individuals who can communicate well and that should be you.

If however you’d like to get your knowledge up the FAA has a whole library available free online. I’d start with the Airplane Flying Handbook and the Pilot Handbook to Aeronautical Knowledge.