Transferring out west for better weather

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit frustrated that the program has been taking longer than I expected. Before ATP extended the length of the program, I was projected to finish about a month ago. I started in early January and got my commercial multi rating a couple weeks ago, but it took so long to achieve due to weather and examiner availability. I’m in Tampa where the weather has been perfect until about a month ago. Thunderstorms and MVFR conditions have caused so many training and checkride delays it isn’t even funny. I have my commercial single checkride scheduled for June 12, but it’s likely to get pushed further due to weather. I will be very frustrated if this checkride gets postponed for at least another week. At this rate if I stay in Florida for the remainder of the program, I probably wouldn’t finish until late August at best. All of these delays and complaining has me thinking if I should just transfer to Las Vegas for CFI school and complete my add-ons there since the weather is always sunny. Maybe I’m worrying too much, but I can’t help but think that every day I’m not flying (even in clear weather) it’s more time to wait to reach my career goals. Any thoughts?


If you finish in Late August you will be at nine months, which is exactly what the new timeline predicts. Florida is a hotbed of pilot training, not just for ATP, but for the entire industry. Any location can have weather and FAA examiner delays, even Las Vegas. You will obviously spend several days getting to Vegas, which will further delay your training. If I were you I would just stay put, I think that you are stressing about a few weeks of delays that in the end will not have any impact on your career.



I remember being frustrated with delays as well, I had to wait 3 weeks between CFI school and the MEI ride because of examiner availability. That’s how it works man…hurry up and wait.

Don’t sweat it…It won’t have any effect on your career. You’ll get your seniority number when it happens.



Weather is weather my friend. I was just in SFO yesterday and it was 55 deg on June 5! While I understand and appreciate your frustration, I don’t believe you’ll benefit from chasing good weather.