True timeline at Conroe flight school


It’s summer time now, and I’m currently getting private pilots license. I have 1 year of undergraduate left, and then I plan on going to ATP’s Conroe location with the long term goal of becoming a commercial pilot.

However, I have recently heard from a few past ATP graduates that it took twice as long as planned at this location.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is this how it is everywhere or is this just how it is at ATP’s Conroe’s location?


I’m not sure who’s saying what, and there are sometimes unexpected delays (wx, examiner availability, etc), I seriously question the “twice as long” timeframe? (Maybe during Covid?).

The current timeline for the Airline Career Pilot Program is 9mos and that is very realistic.



I understand that but the people I heard it from (which was 5 people) was that it took almost twice as long.

Also they said because the Conroe location is a maintenance location as well that most of the plans are being worked on so that cut their availability down a lot. So I was wondering if any students from there are having the same problems.



I can assure you if “twice as long” was the typical timeline for students there, ATP would take a serious examination of what’s causing so many delays and consider closing the location. Texas will get summer thunderstorms but winters are rather mild. I’d imagine if if was one students comment, there’s a lot more to that story…



There are a multitude of factors that could play into someone’s timeline of training; weather, DPE availability, plane maintenance, or the student itself. I would not say this is the norm at ATP because upon Day 1, you have access to your training footprint, program outline, and a proposed date of scheduled events.



Again that really doesnt make sense? If a location is a mx facility that simply means all the planes in that area (not just Conroe itself) will pass through there for mx. That has zero to do with airplane availability.

That all said, if you have concerns about the location (which you shouldn’t), choose a different one.