Trying to finish

I’ve been trying to finish my license for the last couple of years, already hold my Private, Have all requirements for instrument. 230 hours of fly time. Already passed my written exam. Would ATP take me in to complete everything else that I am require? what would be my best plan or course of action at this time ?


ATP has 2 points of entry, with or without your Private. ATP would accept you but you’d still need to fulfill all the IR requirements (ie, starting from your PPL on).

While this may seem like a waste, at the rate your training its not. 5mos is alot better than years.



If you have had all your requirements for instrument, what stopped you from taking the checkride? “Last couple of years” can be summed up in 5 months at ATP. With your experience and previous flying, entering in at Credit Private may be worth an interest, might make instrument easier or difficult (if something was taught improperly).

Check out ATP and finish up all your certificates in a timely manner. You would practically be 150 hours more into your 1,500 hours than a fresh private pilot at ATP. You’re 1/10 of the way ahead.